Tin Whistle Tips

Here are some useful tips for learning to play the tin whistle.

Buy two whistles. When playing condenstation will form in the whistle body and fipple . This will start to clog things up and affect the sound after a bit. With two whistles you can just switch and let the other one dry out.
Pay attention to your top pinkie. It's common for beginners to hold it out (like drinking tea). This stresses the tendon on the side of the hand and can cause soreness. Use painter tape to tape up the pinkie and ring fingers to help break that habit.
Don't squeeze the whistle to death. Particulary when you are trying to go fast or hittig the high notes. You should be able to get the notes by just laying your finger over the holes with no downward pressure.
Once you got a song down and it's solid - record yourself. If you are like me you will then realize that it's not as solid as you thought it was.
When learning a tune I listen to the tune until I can hum it from memory. Nothing worse than learning a tune with wrong timings and then having to relearn it.